It’s always something of a challenge deciding how to group photographs together and what to call each gallery.
As well as the subject matter consideration must be given to the format of the photograph. It’s so much easier to view a selection of images that all have the same dimensions than one where the screen is jumping between landscape and portrait formats.
Some of the collections here make sense because they share common subject matter; others are groups into a gallery simply because they share a common format.

Elephants, Rhinos and Buffaloes

Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros; 3 members of the so called Big 5. There is nothing quite so awe inspiring as witnessing a herd of Elephants or Buffaloes in the wild and opportunities to see a Rhinoceros in its natural habitat are diminishing as an animal that has roamed the earth for thousands of years is being poached to extinction.


Computer monitors rarely do justice to photographs in vertical (or portrait) format but as prints they really come into their own.


Zebras: Undoubtedly one of the most photographed, and photogenic, of Africa's wild animals.

Big Cats

It's the big cats that usually top the wish list of safari goers in Africa; with good reason. Whether it is an elusive leopard, a nimble yet nervous cheetah or a lazing pride of lions, an encounter with Africa's big cats is always a safari highlight.
3 herons 1.jpg

The Beauty of Birds

Even though you may set out on your game drive in search of lions, leopards or other mammals it is easy to get distracted by the amazing variety of birdlife found in Africa.


After every safari, as I am going through my photographs, I find myself thinking about what format will best suit any given image. Although I strive to get the composition right 'in camera' there are plenty of occasions when the subject doesn't fill the frame or when the background is just not right. It's at times like these that I experiment with different formats and one of my favourite is the wide and shallow panorama.

Photo Art

Sometimes there are photographs which just cry out for something more than just basic processing and whilst I love images that show Africa's wildlife in all its natural splendour, I also get a kick out of seeing how I can change the way a photograph looks.

Photo Art - panoramas

Exactly what is says on the tin - photo art cropped to a panoramic format.